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It'll somehow make you love butter more.

A commitment to the regeneration of our soils, the health of our communities, and animal welfare, drive our effort to produce this delicious butter.


We are churning a better future for generations to come.


Our Butters

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We are proud to introduce our Salted (with Canadian Sea Salt) and Unsalted 84% M.F. Organic Grass-Fed A2 Jersey butters, both in a 250 g. unit format.

Open the wrapper to unveil a deep yellow colour from the high concentration of beta carotene that comes from the grass rich diet of our herd.


Enjoy on bread, in sauces, or baked goods to discover the flavour and texture that will somehow make you love butter even more.

A2 means it's made with cream from cows that only have the A2/A2 beta casein in their milk, which is found to be easier to digest among individuals who have issues digesting A1 beta casein, generally found in Canadian pooled dairy.

Our Jersey Herd

Our herd of healthy A2 Grass Fed Jerseys, grazing our organic certified pastures and silvo pastures, supply the cream used to barrel-churn our world-class 84% fat Jersey butter. 


Practices & Certifications


The van Nes Family Farm

Our family farm is located ​near Brussels, in Huron County, Ontario's West Coast.

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Buy Directly From Us (Ontario Only)

Order by 9am on Mondays to receive your order that week. You will receive an email notifying you of your delivery once it is scheduled, the night before delivery. We cannot offer mixed cases.


If you'd like to buy wholesale for your business, email us at instead.

Our Stockists

Navigate this map to see where our butter is available.

Additionally, the following direct-to-home delivery services also offer our products:

The Market @ 100km Foods

Wild Meadows

GoodFood2U (Ottawa Area)

Burrow (Ottawa Area)

Sunday Farms

Eat Local Huron

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